Hiking in the state park

I’ve been hiking plus camping religiously since I was a girl scout in the northern midwest.

The people I was with and I ventured into the woods regardless of the temperatures outside. It gave myself and others a rugged temperament plus taught myself and others vital survival skills that I no doubt will carry with myself and others for the rest of my life. When you learn how to create a shelter in the middle of a snow storm, it gives you a sense of self-sufficiency that is taxing to find anywhere else. By the time I reached private school, I was going out on solo camping trips plus surviving with just my backpack plus tent for afternoons at a time. I decided to attend California Lutheran University after I was rejected by the University of California Los Angeles, or UCLA. I’m glad because California Lutheran University is a great liberal arts school plus isn’t a religion-heavy school like the title would suggest. It’s considered the “cradle of the coaches” because of the insane number of successful professional plus school sports coaches that were all taught at this school during their undergraduate works. I started hiking plus camping in the Santa Monica Mountains instantly after moving to ThoUSAnd Oaks for school. One of my favorite venues in the Santa Monica Mountains is Point Mugu State Park. Unless you drive into the mountains from Westlake Blvd, you can hike from Hidden Valley as well. I constantly brought cannabis pre-rolled joints with myself and others on my hiking trips as I’m not a drinker. I like experiencing cannabis in the wilderness, especially in a venue as appealing as the Santa Monica Mountains plus Point Mugu State Park.


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