Hockey and cannabis are my favs

I am a big time hockey fan! I move around a lot for toil and wherever I settle, I get into the team.

I lived in Florida for awhile and I was going to Tampa hockey games, and that was fun since I was supporting a winning team and going to a rink when the weather was nice, and now I live in Chicago, IL.

The cons of the area is that the weather isn’t quite as fantastic as Florida. It gets quite chilly and windy, then also, the Chicago Blackhawks don’t do as well in the playoffs. It gets strenuous supporting a team that doesn’t do so well. It is still fun going to games though. I make it a day. I live right in the city so I can take a quick cab ride to the rink to watch it. I drink all I want, eat a stuffed pretzel and support the team. I have started buying swag, learning the players names and making friends who are hockey supporters too. I realized that there is another pro to this area though. I figured out that Chicago has recreational cannabis, but so after the game my friends and I don’t go for a beer, every one of us possibility up some cannabis items and hit someone’s house. I adore smoking a pre-roll in someone’s clean house over drinking a gross carona in a seedy bar. The cannabis in Chicago is really fresh too since it is a major city. There are a lot of dispensaries to choose from that offer a wide variety of products.

Medical Pot Near Me Chicago Illinois