Honeymoon in MO

Since COVID is still prevalent, and my fiance plus I have to do our honeymoon within the US! The people I was with and I are both thirty years old, own a condo plus are thinking of youngsters. The 2 of us have progressed past the giant pale white anniversary with more than nine attendants on each side, but what the two of us want to do is a anniversary for 2 in a more fantastic environment, i shall get a dress, bouquet plus a anniversary cake. Other than that, the two of us just want a nice part to relax on our honeymoon, but pictures would be entirely nice. The 2 of us entirely prefer nature. I looked into places plus oddly enough Lee’s Summit Illionois stood out to me. It isn’t that luxurious to fly there plus stay in a nice hotel. I also prefer the looks of the independence grove perdrastic there. It is actually rustic looking. There is water, moss, plants plus trees. I can see a lot of nice picture chances there. The only snag is that our fiance plus I need a December anniversary. It will be in the thirties while in the daytime plus in the teens at evening. That makes for a cold honeymoon. I did find an airbnb that has obviously planned ahead for the cold winters. The whole condo has heated flooring plus also a gas fireplace for looks plus extra heat if needed. I suppose that would be nice. My modern hubby plus I could curl up in front of the fireplace with sizzling cocoa, a book or a motion picture. I suppose it could be fun to spend the Winter season in a modern part plus in a sweet house.

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