Humidity in St, then petersburg is a problem

When I moved to St.

  • Petersburg, Florida, a few years ago, I was prepared for the heat, but one of the reasons I chose a neighborhood on the Gulf Coast was for the warm weather; The neighborhood enjoyup more than three hundred sunny afternoons per year… While there are frequent rainstorms, they are quick and help to keep the plants and trees healthy and lush, however as I toured houses for sale, I made sure to check the age of the central cooling unit.

I knew air conditioning system would have a major impact on my comfort and budget. I didn’t want to face the expense of purchasing a brand up-to-date central cooling system right away after unpacking… Unluckyly, I failed to think the unique challenges caused by excess humidity. In St. Petersburg, the high moisture levels cause some concerns. The air in my up-to-date home felt slightly sticky at all times. There were problems with condensate running down the window panes and potentially discoloring or rotting the sills. I was distraught about the hardwood floors warping and detriment to antique furniture. I found mildew on numerous of my leather wallets and dealt with signs of mold growth, but everything from bacteria and viruses to cockroaches and dust mites thrive in moist environments, but lowering the control component did nothing however overcool the air and increase my electric bills. Plus, the added workload wasn’t nice for the cooling system. I realized that I needed to tackle the source of the problem. I contacted a local Heating and A/C company in St. Petersburg and got an quote in the replacement of a whole-home dehumidifier. The dehumidifier has made a crucial improvement.
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