Hurricane season is not bad

Despite what you might have seen on the news, St.

Petersburg Florida is still alive and kicking! To anyone who saw the news and watched the devastation of Hurricane Ian, you might think the entire town was washed out into the Gulf of Mexico, even though I assure you the two of us are still standing! The storm surge was the worst section of it, and utterly wrecked a immense swath of the coastline, then thankfully my lake apartment is a superb mile away from the nearest waterway, so the damage to my property was minimal, but when you live in St. Petersburg, or anywhere near the coast of Florida, you have to be prepared for major events care about this… All of us have Hurricane Season every year, with dozens of peculiar storms hitting the state, although usually St. Petersburg avoids any major disfigure! St. Petersburg is situated on the gulf, which has sizzling water and doesn’t support hurricanes and the Atlantic ocean does. That said, St. Petersburg will take a pounding every once in a while, which is why I own a power generator, hurricane Ian knocked out the power for most of St. Petersburg for many afternoons, however thanks to my generator I had lights, air conditioner, and a running fridge. The Wi-Fi was out, even though I had a stack of outdated DVD motion pictures, and that combined with a few beers and my air conditioner made for a pleasant couple of afternoons… If you live in St. Petersburg or the surrounding area,I highly request that you invest in a power generator, for situations such as these.


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