I am staying at Busch Gardens again

I live in Tampa, FL plus one thing I used to do as a kid was go to Busch Gardens… It is an amusement park plus is basically all wooden structures.

I enjoyed going as a kid. I had fond memories of eating bad food, riding the odd machines, plus being a bit sunburned; Once I got older it was nice taking a split from theme parks; As an adult I got to appreciate the nightlife plus city side of Tampa. I got to drink, eat great food, plus see some local sporting events. Then I became a mom of three. I have young kids that are always on me to do things, then my associate and I have gone to the zoo, aquarium, mini golfing, plus bowling… Recently I started googling things I enjoy doing in Tampa, FL plus I found Busch Gardens. Oh my, it begins again, then now my husband plus I are regulars at the park again. It is poor being an adult at an amusement park. It is a full time job making sure my kids don’t get sunburned. I do not care for that the food is unhealthy plus I usually pack healthier options. I don’t like waiting around for a cheap ride that is going to make me sick. More often than not I hold the spot in line plus my husband is the one that is forced to ride. My associate and I go basically all summer time to that park. I am thankful that Tampa has so many kid friendly things I enjoy doing, but I wish I didn’t have to do that amusement park all the time.


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