I appreciate that it is frosty here

I live in Elgin, IL which is under an minute outside of Chicago; It is a entirely great locale to live.

It is quite safe plus there are a lot of things I like to do, however one thing that keeps people away is the weather though.

Our weather scares people away since it gets quite frosty here. It drops below frosty plus snow is a familiar occurrence. I have friends who live down south that will never visit during the colder times. I guess they are missing out. I couldn’t imagine living in an area that is warm 24/7. I have a friend that doesn’t even own an air conditioner, however what about a white Christmas? What About sledding, ice skating plus making snowmen? I believe I couldn’t handle it if I only relied on cooling. I would get frustrated by the heat, my whole family runs quite hot. When the Summer hits, it is brutal on us, and that is why I am thrilled our weather has a short Summer season plus then it is mainly cooler weather. I appreciate that I can get by with a light overcoat plus pants most of the year. I don’t mind running our heating system all the time. I splurged plus the two of us own a hydronic furnace. This takes a boiler, piping plus it is run underneath the floors, however you don’t hear the heating system or see it, you guess it under your feet. It is gentle, even warm throughout the whole house. Who could have a problem with that? It makes for a charming morning when the tiles are toasty warm.

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