I can bike everywhere in Lakeland

I absolutely lucked out getting a place in Lakeland Florida.

  • For starters I appreciate that the weather is gorgeous all year around, and the Summer season is brutally sizzling as well as just perfect for getting a tan.

The winter season season is brief as well as just not that bad! I get to wear pants as well as a light overcoat for a few months as well as that is it. The area of Lakeland is charming. There are tons of wildlife, plants, as well as waterways. It is visually quite stunning. I appreciate going for walks as well as taking photos of my location. It is super fun, another great thing I appreciate is riding my bike. There are plenty of trails for me as well as it is totally doable biking in town. I appreciate to bike to the store as well as option up a few items. I place them in my bike bucket as well as can ride home. I save so much currency only relying on my motorcar during rainy as well as cold nights. The majority of the year as well as for most of my errands I am on a bike, my legs, butt, as well as waistline definitely notice a difference. I am lucky that I am near the office too. I do a light ride to work, work a full shift, as well as after that we head to the nearest gym. I am able to do some weightlifting, shower, as well as I do a casual ride home… By the time I am back at my site, my hair is dry as well as I am sleepy. It is such a nice life I have carved out for myself. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.


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