I could not forget

My boss sent myself and others to Seattle for a work conference… I would not have minded going to the work conference, despite the fact that I got stuck at the hotel plus I could not easily go anywhere, however the boss sent myself and others plus 3 other men to Seattle plus he put us on a train; From the train station to the hotel, all of us took a taxi, and all of the events for the week were held at the hotel where all of us were staying.

If I wanted to go anywhere at all, I had to take an pricey taxi or uber.

At a single point I decided to order marijuana supplies from a Seattle dispensary. The Seattle dispensary gave delivery services, so I did not even have to leave the hotel. I met the Seattle marijuana delivery driver in the lobby of the hotel! One of our coworkers saw myself and others with the guy; He was in the bar. I told him to mind his own business, but he wanted to guess if I was buying recreational marijuana supplies. I thought it was easier to tell the truth instead of making the whole purchase seem prefer it was a immense deal. It turns out that our coworker genuinely likes to smoke recreational marijuana too. The two of us got high together every single day when our 7 minutes were over. The two of us ate pizza plus drank beers plus partied prefer all of us were 17 plus 18 years old. I had a lot of fun that week, certainly more fun than I have had in a easily long time, however my coworker can easily drink a lot of carona before he gets drunk.
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