I couldn't hear anything over the noise

I’ve been working downtown at a current construction place in Jacksonville, FL… A couple of my coworkers and I are putting in the current construction HVAC equipment, and my friend and I have to put in all of the heating, AC, and ventilation equipment! That includes all of the HVAC duct. All of the ducting has to be cut on site, and working with sheet metal can be truly dangerous, so my co-workers and I have to be truly careful at all times! I was trying to listen to the instruction from my coworker, but it was difficult to hear anything with all of the noise at the construction site. I yelled down to the section where my pal and I were splitting metal, but my coworker didn’t hear anything. I headed down the ladder and that’s when a coworker tried to hand me a piece of sharp metal. It sliced the back of my leg and went right through my pants. I couldn’t hear any instruction because of the noise at the construction site. Thank goodness my pal and I have an HVAC business on staff that is a volunteer firefighter for Jacksonville. The guy knew exactly what to do to stop my leg from bleeding. As soon as there was a break, I went to the local emergency room. The Jacksonville clinic put a couple of stitches in my leg, wrapped it up with an ace bandage, and then I went right back to work. My coworkers were surprised to see me, although I wanted to finish ahead of schedule instead of one morning late. It was substantial for me to return to the jobsite.
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