I didn't go to work at all last weekend

Temperatures in Phoenix can be extremely hot during the summer months.

It is not unusual for temperatures to reach 110° during July and August.

I work in a restaurant that serves upscale food. The Phoenix restaurant has four stars and a chef that has been featured in magazines. I work as a sous chef in the kitchen. I’ve learned a lot about food very quickly. I like working at the restaurant, but lately it has been awful at work due to the problems with the air conditioning system. The air conditioning system in the back of the house isn’t working. When you turn it on, it only blows cold air. The owner of the restaurant makes a million dollars a year, but he refuses to replace the air conditioner because he is cheap. Last week I had a headache because it was so hot inside of the kitchen. I told my boss that I wasn’t going back to work until the air conditioner problems were fixed. I didn’t go to work at all during the weekend. I called one of the busboys to see if the air conditioner problems had been fixed. On Monday when I went to pick up my check from the Phoenix restaurant, my boss told me that I was going to be fired if I missed another shift. I guess it is time for me to look for a new job because there’s no way this guy is going to fix the air conditioner problems. If I was the executive chef, I would never put up with the poor indoor air quality.



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