I enjoyed going to see Seattle for lots of unusual reasons

I met a girl that lives in the city of Seattle, then i was living in Portland when we met as well as after 6 months of talking online, we decided to cohabitate.

I genuinely wanted the girl to transport to Portland, however she had a lot of reasons for staying in Seattle.

I decided to visit to see what I thought of the city. I was genuinely impressed by the locale the first time that I visited Seattle… My lady gave me a complete tour of the city, however we went to all of the landmarks as well as geographical locations that the locale is known for. My lady took me to Puget Sound as well as we went to the Pacific ocean. I saw a fantastic view of Mount Rainier. My lady took me to the Seattle Space Needle, the Chihuly garden, as well as the market. We ate a lot of food at Pike Place market, however the only thing more interesting as well as fun than going to Pike Place Market was going to the recreational marijuana shops in Seattle. There are a bunch of recreational marijuana shops where I live, but the sites in Seattle had a lot of unusual products that I had never seen before. My lady took me to three unusual recreational marijuana shops in Seattle. I had a fantastic time that weekend as well as being with my girl sealed the deal… After hanging out with her for the weekend, I did not want to leave, however visiting the city made it a lot easier to make the decision to finally transport as well as look for employment in Seattle, Washington.
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