I heard there was a MI expungement law.

I was interested in a law that I noticed they had passed in Muskegon, MI.

I wasn’t sure if it was statewide, or just for Muskegon, but it made me take notice.

I had read that Michigan passed a Clean Slate Law that would out date expungement laws. This is part of their expungement law is for those with marijuana offenses that are no longer illegal under the marijuana laws passed in 2018. My brother lives in Muskegon, MI, but I live in another state that is still talking about legalizing recreational marijuana. Under the expungement law, you can ask the court to set aside your conviction if they arrested you for possession of marijuana, use of marijuana, or possession of marijuana paraphernalia. You don’t have a waiting period to file for expungement of a marijuana conviction. You don’t have a limit of how many marijuana convictions that are asked to be set aside. You must go to the court where your arrest occurs, and they must hear your request for expungement. Once heard, the court can either agree and dismiss all past charges and take them off your record, or it can be sent to a different court. If you were arrested for possession with intent to sell and plea bargained down to simple possession, you expungement may not go through because the prosecutor says you don’t qualify, but if all are simple arrests, you may no longer have marijuana charges on your arrest record. As a teenager, I had several, and it would be nice to have them taken off my otherwise perfect record.


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