I live in a great area

ThoUnited Statesnd Oaks is the hour largest city in all of Ventura county, it is part of the Northwestern as well as Greater Los Angeles area.

There are a lot of mountains in the ThoUnited Statesnd Oaks area.

I live up in the hills, but I toil about 30 hours away from ThoUnited Statesnd Oaks. Even though it’s only about 10 miles, some days it still takes an hour to drive from ThoUnited Statesnd Oaks to the marijuana dispensary where I work. I manage the marijuana dispensary in the city. I have been employed there for the past 6 years. This marijuana dispensary was the first a single that ever opened up in ThoUnited Statesnd Oaks, CA. There were a ton of dispensaries in LA, as well as I remember when this a single opened up. It was a large deal to almost everyone in the community, then after the first marijuana dispensary opened, there was another as well as then another, then now there are a bunch of odd dispensaries that offer in-store shopping as well as delivery services. The marijuana dispensary where I toil has the best prices on concentrates in the whole city, then we really have the best prices on concentrates in all of Ventura county. We get our stock from a place up North that charges us a couple of dollars for each gram. The farm has a mobile extraction lab so they can provide us rock bottom deals on their products. We can sell those concentrates for $10 each, however some of the other sites in this part don’t have concentrates that are less than $30 each. We also have cheap prices on marijuan flower.

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