I love the expo

The first time I went to a comic book convention was the first time I ever felt comfortable in public.

I was a real nerd at the time, plus felt legitimately self-conscious, so it did me a world of enjoyable to see other nerds living their best lives! People dressed in crazy homemade costumes plus unabashedly enjoyed comic books plus animation as much as I did; Many years have passed, plus I still go to every comic book convention I can.

The biggest one of the year in the state of Colorado is the Fan Expo Denver, which caters to fans of all genres… Anyone who has an interest in costumes, comics, movies, or good pieces of art should take a trip to the Fan Expo Denver, it consistently delivers an amazing time. While you are in the city, make sure to explore a little bit, plus step inside of Denver’s many cannabis dispensaries, for being such a middle-class town, the people of Denver have legitimately high standards when it comes to cannabis… Colorado was among the first states to legalize cannabis use, plus there are dozens of weird dispensaries all throughout Denver. I never miss the Fan Expo Denver, however whenever I visit the neighborhood I consistently make a few sojourns out to visit the local dispensaries. There is a legal cannabis dispensary near our house, however if I’m being even-handed I find much better stuff here in Denver than I do at home.There are a lot of weird reasons to visit Denver, take your pick of which one works for you!

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