I love to explore the air conditioned venues in Phoenix, AZ

A few years ago, I moved to Phoenix Arizona because of a promotion I received from my job.

At that point, I had never been to Phoenix and all I knew about the area was that it had great resort hotels, and lots of golf courses.

I also knew the area was extremely hot and was part of the Sonoran Desert. But I was shocked to discover that the city was surrounded by mountains as well. Additionally, it has a mountain range running directly through the city, making Phoenix a place with an incredible landscape. While living here I discovered how hot the Summers are in Phoenix. On a typical day, the temperatures can reach well over 100 degrees during the season. July is usually the hottest month and during that time, I find creative ways to enjoy the city without getting overheated. There are lots of venues in Phoenix that have air conditioning. All our restaurants and bars are air conditioned spaces and there are always new restaurants to discover in the city. I also love going to the art galleries and museums in town. They always have the A/C at a comfortable temperature, and I can easily spend a couple of hours admiring the artwork and exhibits. Coffee shops are also great to beat the heat and of course I take full advantage of the free Wi-Fi. If all else fails, the mall always has A/C and I can spend an entire day exploring the different shops and stores. It’s important to find creative ways to explore the city, especially at various venues that have air conditioning.

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