I loved visiting the ocean for the first time

Last month was my birthday and my boyfriend took me somewhere special to celebrate.

It was my 30th and I told my boyfriend that I was sad that I had never been to the ocean in 30 years.

I never expected him to surprise me with a trip to San francisco. We took a plane to the airport and we rented a car. We probably should have stuck with Ubers and Lyft rides, because it was a nightmare and a lot of hassle to park in San francisco. I loved visiting the ocean for the first time. The water was exactly like I imagined. We drove up and down the coast looking at different types of shorelines. We went to a San Francisco marijuana dispensary. It was my first time in a dispensary and it was very neat and interesting. My boyfriend and I got some edible candies that tasted like watermelon. They were a lot cheaper than I expected. One of my friends has a medical marijuana card back home and I know that she pays way more for edibles. I wish I could have taken some home for her but we could not have gotten them past the airport security and I didn’t even want to try. The marijuana dispensary in San Francisco had a lot of really interesting products that I had never even thought I would find. It was very neat and interesting to visit the dispensary. I saw a lot of really cool stuff that weekend, but the beach was definitely the best part of the trip.
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