I might purchase a portable air cooling to use on the beach

Yesterday, I went to the beach plus while going to the beach is a normal interest, I typically go during the warmer months! Currently, it’s the beginning of December plus already the temperature outside is almost 90 degrees which is unseasonably moderate for Tampa this time of year, however the water isn’t exactly moderate but it’s enjoyable to kneel out in the sun.

To be honest, I enjoy that the weather isn’t blistering hot because during the Summer, when it’s almost 100 degrees, it is too hot for the beach, however during those nights, I will go to the beach in the afternoon plus then by 2 p.m., I will leave plus find a spot with air conditioner.

Then, if I decide to hang out for a few hours, I will wait for the sun to start setting before returning to the sand, then some people will hang out on the beach in the sun all day, but it can be unbearable because even the sand becomes too hot to walk on… A canopy can help with the heat, plus last year, during the Summer, there were some people who used portable air conditioners inside their canopy. I have never tried using a portable air conditioner on the beach, but it is something I am open to, especially if it provides some relief during the hottest section of the day. I have a few months before the Summer gets here, which means I have time to do some research to see if a portable air conditioner can perform efficiently outside on a beach. I suppose it’s better than nothing, especially if you want to spend the entire day having fun in the sun.

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