I moved to Evansville, IL for the heat.

He couldn’t get his arm comfortable, and his legs ached

For years, my fiance had been complaining about the frigid winters and sizzling humid summers! I was talking to a neighbor who had recently moved to Evansville, IL. She told myself and others the weather was really beautiful there and told myself and others he moved to Evansville, IL for the weather. She didn’t tell myself and others that was why he had moved, despite the fact that I should have known. She and his fiance both had rheumatoid arthritis, but the slightest change in the barometer would cause so much pain, that they could barely move. They still need the traditional Heating, Ventilation and A/C system, but instead of it being frigid and dry, they say the humidity is perfect, but during the summer, there is little rain, and they occasionally have a humidifier running, but not often. They appreciate the dry heat of IL. I talked to my fiance and told him what Margie told myself and others about the weather in Evansville, IL. I thought a transfer would do us great since he could no longer handle the heat, humidity, rain and snow that all of us had in our area, then he said he was too seasoned to shovel snow, and tired of staying inside because the rain made him hurt. It took myself and others almost 2 months before he even considered moving to IL… One day, he was wrapped up in a blanket as he laid in his recliner. He couldn’t get his arm comfortable, and his legs ached. He asked how much rain and snow they got in Evansville, IL. I told him they have an average of 310 afternoons of sunshine. He wanted myself and others to get brochures on their weather, and the best sites to live and eat in IL.

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