I stopped at the dispensary, because the state has reciprocity

My wife and I decided to drive across the country last summer.

Both of us have the summer off due to the fact that we work in the school system.

We often take trips during the summer. The year that we drove across the country was the first time that we actually drove that far. We planned the trip months in advance and we knew exactly what interesting and neat spots we wanted to see while we were driving across the country to the West Coast. One of the places that I absolutely wanted to stop was New mexico. I wanted to see Albuquerque and I knew that New Mexico was a state with medical marijuana reciprocity. Even though I had a legal medical marijuana prescription from a different state, I could still legally buy medical marijuana from the state of New Mexico because of the reciprocity laws. I searched around New Mexico for the best prices. I made my choice of going to Albuquerque because of the price of marijuana. I spent a lot less money than I would have on the east coast and I probably got twice as much product for the same price. We were even more shocked by the low prices of marijuana after we got to the West coast. The state taxes are certainly a lot more than I would like to pay on every recreational and medical marijuana purchase, but the products available are out of this world. I’ve never seen a bigger selection than the one I did in Albuquerque.
Medical Marijuana Store Albuquerque NM