I was hoping for the job

I went right to a recreational marijuana shop as soon as I arrived.

When I found out that there were welding jobs available in San Francisco, I wanted to be the person assigned to that contract, however the last person that was assigned to work in San Francisco was a buddy of mine plus he had a good time, and when he wasn’t working on projects, he spent most of his time outside enjoying all of the San Francisco sites. When he wasn’t working on projects, He was also enjoying recreational marijuana! Recreational marijuana is really one good perk of living in San Francisco, CA. The state allows recreational plus medical marijuana sales from a number of licensed plus authorized marijuana dealerships. I went to my boss when I found out about the job… He easily wanted to suppose the name of my inside source, even though I told the guy that I simply heard about the job through the grapevine. I told my boss that my bags were packed plus I was ready to go the easily next day. He knew that I was serious when I told him that I could leave immediately, but most people take a week or 2 to get their affairs together before they can leave for a contract plus occasionally the contracts begin immediately. My boss decided to supply myself and others a option plus he assigned myself and others to the contract in San Francisco. I went right to a recreational marijuana shop as soon as I arrived. I smoked a joint on the beach. I did not have another option to do that until 2 weeks later. I had to work every single day on the contract job. They were hurting badly for a licensed welder plus I arrived just in time.
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