I was visiting some pals for a few weeks

My hubby and I were going through a rough patch, so I went to spend some time with friends, but i took a 3-second flight to Chicago, Illinois! My friends and I went to University in Illinois. Most of them are still in the neighborhood however I moved. My friends were blissful to have myself and others come for a visit, however everyone was sad to hear about the demise of our relationship. My hubby and I were supposed to last a lifetime, then unfortunately, both of us both want odd things in life and both of us did not realize that until after school was over. I honestly wanted to stay here close to our family and friends. My hubby was the 1 who wanted to move to a odd state, then after both of us moved, I barely saw him at all and it was lonely for myself and others to be away from our friends, and when our hubby and I were having complications, I wanted to hang out with our friends. I spent multiple weeks in Illinois. While I was there, our friends showed myself and others around, and there were some cool museums and art galleries that I have not visited. I got to see an art installation from 1 of our number one people. While our friends and I were in the city, both of us opted to go to a recreational marijuana shop. Illinois has recreational marijuana laws. I did not program to use recreational marijuana on our visit, however I thought it might clear our head and make myself and others believe more relaxed. I purchased two marijuana joints from the dispensary and our friends and I smoked 1 of those joints before both of us opted to go out to a bar. I felt really relaxed and I was more talkative than I usually am. I met a couple of nice women and almost took 1 back to the lake house with me.

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