I went to Lee’s Summit, MO for a party

My sibling invited myself and others to come to MO for her bachelorette get together, and i lived about many and a half hours away, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to go that distance just for a bachelorette get together; When she asked myself and others to be her maid of honor, I couldn’t say no.

I packed up enough things for a weekend trip and got in the car.

Why she chose to get married in January was beyond me, because it was miserably cold. I couldn’t get enough heat out of the car’s HVAC system to keep my toes warm. I hoped my sibling had made myself and others a reservation at a great hotel, because I wanted excellent HVAC there. When I got to Jen’s house, she had her oil furnace on, and I felt love I was being cocooned in warmth, then once I got located, she wanted to show myself and others where she was having her get together. We headed for Buff City Soap. I chuckled when she told myself and others all of us were going to make soap, and I was close; She was having a bath bomb get together, lee’s Summit was a cute little city, and I didn’t even know this category of town existed, and there were multiple things I like to do, although she wanted to make bath bombs. I thought it was going to be a flop, but when many girls get together with wine and bath bombs, all of us had a blast. I couldn’t wait to get my bath bombs lake house and put them in the tub. I even made a single that was meant to explode in the shower, and send out steamy costlyness. I can’t wait to go back to Lee’s Summit, MO for the ceremony, and to see my sibling again.


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