Illinois is a state of contrasts

I was born in Illinois, but my parents moved away before I could ever make any memories there! When they tell myself and others the stories about the first many years of my life, I guess they made the right choice, however i do not guess I would have loved a childhood on a chicken farm, that’s what my folks did, they ran a chicken farm for my Grandpa.

This is the west side of Illinois, nowhere near any location you’ve ever heard of before! My mom tells myself and others that he would wear myself and others in a backpack while he cut the beaks off of dozens of chicken… Sounds traumatizing, so I’m glad I don’t remember it, & I’m glad my family escaped from the Illinois chicken farm! That was 40 years ago, & when I recently moved back to Illinois after all that time, I found it to be a beautiful location to live! Of course, that is because I wasn’t on a chicken farm, I was in a small enclave just outside of Chicago, Illinois.

Two odd parts of Illinois might as well be on many odd planets! I moved here to open my latest cannabis dispensary, & my first one in the state of Illinois. Medical cannabis is legal in so many odd locations now, & my research data said that this area of Illinois is one of the fastest growing. I never would have been happy on an Illinois chicken farm, although I find myself exceedingly happy to be working on a cannabis farm. Illinois surely is a state of contrasts.
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