Installing a whole-apartment dehumidifier

Summers in Plano, TX, are especially long, overheated & humid! For at least four months of the year, the temperature climbs above ninety degrees… It’s necessary to rely on the air conditioning for more than half the year.

Running the A/C was costing me a fortune.

I attempted to tighten up the apartment & reduce energy consumption by way of caulking & weatherstripping. I installed ceiling fans to contribute to cooling. I made sure to close blinds & curtains during the afternoon to prevent sunlight through the windows from heating up the living space; The air conditioning still seemed to blast non stop. Raising the control machine setting wasn’t entirely an option. The living environment regularly felt a bit overheated & muggy; During a routine repair repair provided by a local Plano Heating & A/C corporation, I complained about the excess moisture in the house. I mentioned that I was having problems with mold & mildew growth & musty odors. The Heating & A/C corporation advised a dehumidifier. Initially, I purchased a portable dehumidifier. The machine made no improvement & required emptying of the reservoir various times per afternoon. I called the corporation back & tied up the installation of a whole-apartment dehumidifier. The machine is fitted right into the cooling system & extracts moisture from the air as it passes through. It runs quietly, requires only annual repair & allows customized humidity levels, however because of the dehumidifier, I’ve been able to raise the control machine setting. The living space feels much cooler & more comfortable. I sleep better at night & am more productive during the afternoon.

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