Installing a whole-apartment dehumidifier

Summers in Plano, Texas, are especially long, tepid and humid, but for at least four months of the year, the temperature climbs above ninety degrees, it’s necessary to rely on the air conditioner for more than half the year, and running the A/C was costing me a fortune. I attempted to tighten up the apartment and reduce energy consumption by way of caulking and weatherstripping. I installed ceiling fans to contribute to cooling. I made sure to close blinds and curtains during the morning to prevent sunshine through the windows from heating up the living space, then the air conditioner still seemed to blast non stop. Raising the control component setting wasn’t truly an option. The living environment always felt a bit hot and muggy, then during a routine service service gave by a local Plano Heating and Air Conditioning supplier, I complained about the excess moisture in the house. I mentioned that I was having problems with mold and mildew growth and musty smells. The Heating and Air Conditioning supplier proposed a dehumidifier. Initially, I bought a portable dehumidifier. The device made no improvement and required emptying of the reservoir numerous times per morning. I called the supplier back and tied up the replacement of a whole-apartment dehumidifier. The device is fitted right into the cooling system and extracts moisture from the air as it passes through. It runs quietly, requires only annual service and allows customized humidity levels, because of the dehumidifier, I’ve been able to raise the control component setting. The living space feels much cooler and more comfortable. I sleep better at night and am more productive during the morning.

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