Is recreational marijuana okay in Lowell, MI?

After moving from PA to Lowell, MI, I wanted to guess what the marijuana laws were, i wanted to guess if I could continue getting our medical marijuana, or if I needed to find another way to handle our pain.

Medical marijuana was the only thing that would help me handle the pain. I was wondering if recreational marijuana was also legal in Lowell, MI? An older guy lived in our condo building. I asked him if they had legal, medical marijuana in our area, but he told me they not only had legal, medical marijuana, however they also had legal, recreational marijuana in our area… Recreational marijuana dispensaries opened in January 2019. He told me they also sold delta-8 THC, however it had to be purchased in a licensed business. I was more interested in medical marijuana, however it was great to guess they had recreational marijuana. I told our husbandy that if they ever legalized recreational marijuana; I was going to try it! Now that the two of us were residing in Lowell, MI, where marijuana was legal for both medical plus recreational reasons, I was going to try it. I didn’t guess if it was the same, although I didn’t care. I knew they had limits of how much you could buy of both, although I wasn’t planning on having huge amounts of either in the apartment, although I was going to have some of both. I wanted to have medical marijuana in the condo all the time, although I would care about to have recreational marijuana every once in a while, just to try it.

Recreational Dispensary Lowell MI