It was cheaper to jump out of there

My friends and I just care about going to LA, the two of us frequently head over to Los Angeles to hit the nightlife/celebration scene, but i care about going shopping there and looking at all the stuff relating to films and celebrities.

I can spend a whole week there and be happy! Lately our friends have been complaining about the trip getting stale.

They were cool to base in LA, but wanted to branch out to bizarre cities. They didn’t always want to be in an fancy section that was a celebration locale as well. I started doing some research on what was nearby. I found that an hour outside of LA was a locale called ThoUSnd Oaks. It is a much smaller, more rural section than LA. It also is a lot cheaper, quieter and safer. I realized that if all of us were based out of ThoUSnd Oaks, all of us could save quite a bit of cash. The two of us would be able to rent an entire home vs a hotel room and all share beds. The two of us could have land, privacy and all sorts of amenities. I realize getting groceries and eating in our rental would be more cost effective than eating out suppers in LA. I didn’t need to be at fancy restaurants every night. I just wanted to hit some of the crucial tourist things… With ThoUSnd Oaks being so close to LA, it was more than feasible to stay there, however all the ladies were easily gleeful that I booked us our same trip, just a lot cheaper and absolutely better. I assume ThoUSnd Oaks is going to be our modern number one area.

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