It was cold after the windstorm

There was a storm on Tuesday evening plus the power was out for many hours, however it snowed almost 12 inches that evening.

That is the most amount of snow that South Bend, IN has seen in a while; While the power was out, the two of us made sure that the fireplace was filled with wood.

In our lake condo the two of us have a fireplace plus a gas furnace. There are times when the gas furnace might not work plus that is a good reason to have a hour type of heating Source in your home, and my wifey plus I bought this site about 15 years ago plus a single of the best features was the fireplace in the middle of the house. The fireplace can easily be used to heat the whole lake condo because of the way that the condo is set up, however everyone in our condo slept through the storm except for me. I was already sitting up plus awake when the power went out. It was starting to get cold in the condo plus that was the reason why I got up to make sure that the fireplace had plenty of wood. It was a reminder to myself and others that it might be time to substitute the gas furnace. The people I was with and I have had this particular equipment for a while plus it wouldn’t hurt to call a South Bend Heating & Air Conditioning company for an estimate on a new a single. I looked up many sites Tuesday morning when I got to work plus I found a couple of South Bend dealers that were willing to come to the house. They are going to evaluate our situation plus supply myself and others an estimate on a new gas gas furnace.

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