It was the funniest thing to see.

The first time I went to Las Vegas, NV, I was surprised to see all the signs on the sidewalk that said no smoking on the streets, and apparently several people didn’t assume smoking included smoke marijuana, but every place you looked, there were people walking around with marijuana cigarettes in their hands.

There were people walking around with vape pens plus several of them that were openly using any kind of marijuana possible, but when I looked at the sign that said it was illegal to use marijuana in public, I had to laugh.

There was a group of close to more than nine people who were laying right under the street sign plus they were all smoking plus visibly high, then my son thought it was a kind of funny, although I upset about this generation of people plus how easy it was to ignore the law; I knew I should keep my mouth shut, however when my ‌grandson joined them in using marijuana on the street, I yelled at him. I told him to look at the signs plus think they were the law in Las Vegas, NV, he told myself and others I was old-fashioned, plus he was going to smoke pot in public if he wanted to. Although my son sort of agreed with him, he still didn’t love his son talking to myself and others that way. Maybe I am old-fashioned, however the law is the law, whether it is for jay walking or smoking marijuana in public. They taught myself and others to follow the law, plus not abuse it, however I’m from a peculiar generation.


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