Jacksonville gets hit by showers

About 6 years ago, I got stationed at the Jacksonville Navy base! I was there for 2 years and while in that time I fell in care about with a girl that lives in Jacksonville.

I never plan to stay in Jacksonville all of my life; The city is big, however it doesn’t honestly have anything cool other than the Jacksonville Jaguars, jacksonville also gets hit by hurricanes.

I never had to worry about hurricanes when I was a kid. I grew up on the west coast where hurricanes are not even mentioned… When I was stationed in Jacksonville, I figured I would do my two years and then leave. When I met Sarah, my buddy and I hastily fell in care about and I asked her to marry me, however she told me that she was never going to leave the city until her mom and dad were gone and they were only in their ’60s. I knew this girl was the one for me and that meant I had to make a hard choice. That option was staying in Jacksonville. I decided to leave the military after 2 years and then I started laboring with Sarah’s dad… He works at an Heating plus Air Conditioning contractor in Jacksonville. The Heating plus Air Conditioning contractor services all of the beaches, westside, northside, mandarin, and callahan. Sarah’s dad treats me honestly well and he has really going to make me owner of the contractor when he retires. He really treats me like I am his son. I never thought I would stay here, however it looks like I am making this location my condo for a while.

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