Jacksonville is right in the middle of all

Jacksonville is entirely the biggest village in the whole state of Florida, then if you count the total land area, it is absolutely the biggest village in the entire country.

A lot of people don’t know that about Jacksonville, but it is quite big and extensive; From the north to the south, there is 40 miles of highway and from the east to the west, There is almost 60 miles of highway, then jacksonville is a superb venue to live.

I moved to the village a couple of years ago to work with the football team. I went to school for sports management and therapy and I had a job laboring with a soccer team for a while; The Jacksonville team had an opening and I applied. I flew down to the village and stayed in a hotel for a couple of afternoons. The hotel was decent, but it wasn’t exactly 5 star luxury. The bed wasn’t comfortable and the water wasn’t legitimately sizzling either. It was on the river and there was an odor and odor in the room and in the air, and even when the heating and a/c was running, I could still odor salt and fish. I tried to keep the heating and a/c running most of the time that I was there. It was the middle of May and much hotter than I anticipated. Temperatures outside were in the 90s with almost 100% humidity. I knew that it was going to be pressing to have a superb heating and a/c if I took the job in Jacksonville.


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