Keeping a warm and comfortable home

Winters in South Bend, Indiana, necessitate a powerful heating system.

I start up the furnace by the end of September and keep it running until the end of April or even early May.

The outdoor temperature drops below freezing for the majority of the year. Temperatures in the teens or even the negatives aren’t unusual. Due to the excessive amount of snowfall and chilly conditions, my family spends a lot of time indoors. The cost of heating has a significant impact on the household budget. When the furnace runs non stop, it causes issues with insufficient humidity. The overldy dry air can result in damage to hardwood floors and furnishing and encourages higher thermostat settings. It dries out nasal passages, making family members more susceptible to flu and colds. Coughing, sneezing, headaches, sore throat, itchy eyes, chapped lips, frizzy hair and difficulty sleeping can all be blamed on a lack of humidity. It was necessary to invest into a whole-home humidifier. Keeping a comfortable home in South Bend is expensive and quite a bit of work. I have made every effort to tighten up the house and eliminate energy waste. I’ve installed thermal-pane, low E, Energy Star Rated windows and meticulously caulked around them. I’ve weatherstripped exterior doors, added ceiling fans and carefully insulated around outlets and plumbing pipes. I spent a miserable weekend adding a new layer of insulation to the attic. It is always such a relief when spring finally arrives in South Bend. I don’t bother with central air conditioning. The warm weather doesn’t last long, and I prefer to open windows and welcome in some fresh air.



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