Lakeland, Florida is reasonably priced

My husband isn’t too keen on traveling.

He really hates flying via airplane.

It hurts his ears, gets him nervous, and he just tries to avoid it. I really like going on trips and seeing new sights. To comprise we stay within the continental United States. We just do a lot of driving. I recently had a baby girl and it is tough to travel with her. So what we do is stay pretty local. The state of Florida is huge thankfully. The weather is alway good too. Even in the winter the temperatures are warm enough to be outside. I pack jackets and pants for my daughter and we are fine. I actually prefer to travel in the winter now that I think about it. Recently we decided to drive to Lakeland, Florida. My husband loved that it was only a few hours of driving. I loved that there were museums, zoos, aquariums, lakes, and parks for my daughter. We spent an entire time in Bonner Springs Park. We played in the grass, walked around the shops, and had a picnic. What is great is that going local means you don’t spend a lot of money either. We splurge on a decent room with a pretty view right in the heart of the city. But that was basically it. Most of our events were mainly admission fees and meals. So the overall expense of the trip was small. My husband enjoyed our local trip so much he is trying to make it a yearly thing. Lakeland was just so reasonably priced.


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