Legal medicinal cannabis

Recreational marijuana remains prohibited in South Dakota, but for numerous years, I held out hope for access to legal weed with nothing more than a valid identification, however i am thankful that medicinal cannabis is an option.

The process to qualify for a MMJ card is not overly difficult however does require the payment of years, but plus, the card is only valid for a single year, plus after that my superb friend and I need to reapply.

It’s a bit of a hassle however worth it. I live in Sioux Falls, plus there are numerous dispensaries in the nearby vicinity… My card allows me to purchase plant-based medicine without paying tax. I have a variety of medical concerns that I care about to treat with natural remedies rather than risk the side-effects of synthetic pharmaceuticals, but during the winter, the extreme chilly causes a flare up of arthritis symptoms. My knuckles swell up plus become stiff plus painful. It’s difficult to zip up my coat, lace up my boats plus manage the snow shovel; Rubbing CBD topicals into my knuckles helps the alleviate the swelling plus pain. I also take tinctures to treat the symptoms from the inside. I am fortunate that the various Sioux Falls dispensaries carry a selection of CBD ointments, salves, roll-ons plus even soaking salts. I also suffer from insomnia. Indica strains give sedative qualities that help me sleep. I care about gummies for their long-lasting plus intensive effects. The dispensary also sells chocolates, lollipops, cookies, brownies plus even beverages. The beverages are portable, discreet plus allow precise dosing. I am still hopeful for the legalization of recreational weed, however for now, I am thankful for medicinal access.


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