Love the weather in Tampa best

I used to live up north where the weather was chilly chilly always, it wasn’t that odd to have chilly uneven temperatures around Halloween plus lasting until Easter.

I got sick of the snow, ice, plus subzero uneven temperatures.

I have since moved to Florida for better weather. I now live in Tampa plus it has been such a fantastic move! The town is so big that I was able to find a pretty rural area with great land for a fantastic price, then due to living in Tampa, I am near everything. I can go to the Tampa Amphitheatre if I want to see a sizable musician play or a professional game. There is the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team that does genuinely well every playoff season. There are all sorts of fun activities, bars, hotels, clubs, plus etc. Moving there has been good for my social life, but at the end of the afternoon though, the weather is what my number one thing is. I enjoy that the weather is constantly nice. The winter season season can get chillier afternoons in the 40s, but that isn’t so bad. I just wear pants plus a light jacket. Then I am fantastic to go. Most of the time I am in a tank plus shorts though. I am all about sunshine protection plus shade. It is like constantly living near a beachy like location. I do get where some afternoons the heat feels unbearable! With a fantastic cooling system though I hardly notice the strain of living in Florida. With a powerful enough a/c, most people is cheerful.

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