Lowell is a hidden gem for cannabis

There are a lot of cities well-known for their cannabis.

There are a lot more places that aren’t famous, but have wonders to share. As you already know I am the host of the Youtube vlog called the Wild and Wonderful World of Cannabis. I have been recording my travels, and my reviews of the different kinds of locally grown weed I find. Recently I decided to start moving away from the bigger spots and looking for the Hidden Gems of the cannabis world. Places like Lowell, Michigan, a town you might not have heard of, but that you really need to visit. Lowell is a very small town, less than three square miles in size, with only about four thousand permanent residents. For a place this small, you wouldn’t expect there to be a thriving cannabis market, but there is! The caliber of cannabis grown in the Lowell area is unmatched, and has made this town a destination spot for serious potheads. It is possible to have cannabis from Lowell delivered through the mail, of course, but I highly recommend visiting the town first to sample the product firsthand. I spent three days in Lowell, and almost all my waking hours were spent in the cannabis dispensary. I sampled as many different local strains as possible, but also spoke to the citizens of Lowell when they came in to shop. The people of Lowell are so friendly, almost everyone agreed to be interviewed on camera for my vlog. Lowell may be a small town, but I will never forget it.

Marijuana Lowell MI