Making an LA ceremony a mini getaway

My friend is getting married in a few weeks.

She picked Los Angeles as her ceremony destination location, but my husband and I will need to fly more than four thirds with a four month year old baby to attend! It is a big deal to our friend that I am there.

So I am looking into making it work. I believe I am going to hire our mother as a nanny and take her with us. She can help us navigate our child on the airplane and watch him while we are at the ceremony. To make it not excruciating for her I want to take a mini getaway, then everyone says that you better travel early with your child, then apparently when they are crawling and walking is not a great time. My newborn should be a good travel compaina. I want to stay more than 2 extra days and do something. My mother, husband, myself and baby will be a weird group, however what is there to do in Los Angeles? Turns out there is quite a bit. There is Griffith park that should be in full bloom while we are there. All of us could take a picnic and just relax in the sunshine for a while, but grand Central Market has a ton of cool locales to eat that we can explore in our more than 2 days there. I also found that cannabis is legal there. I can’t exactly get high in front of our mother though. My husband and I have been loosely talking about buying some weed and getting a bit buzzed up before the ceremony. All of us can just take an edible or smoke cannabis oil. That way we have no more evidence on our person that we took recreational weed.

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