Missouri trip on the golf course

My partner plus I did our honeymoon in Lees Summit MO, it actually is quite pretty, and there are a lot of cute theaters, pizzerias plus things I enjoy… Sadly my partner isn’t honestly keen on doing a lot of those things; She was cool, drinking booze plus eating out.

The most interest she wanted to do was golf.

There is the Shamrock Hills Golf Course, all of us practically lived there for our week-long honeymoon. I started out not knowing much about golf to think way too much. I began feeling okay about playing more than eight holes plus hating golf. I basically spent the whole time trying to tip over the golf cart plus driving it as fast as I could. I drank as much booze as I could plus I also snuck snacks in my money clip. It wasn’t my idea of a nice time. The golf course in itself was pretty, but my partner seemed genuinely satisfied by it. I liked that the pictures every one of us took there turned out genuinely nice. They actually look better than some of our anniversary pictures, suppose it or not. It wasn’t my ideal honeymoon however it worked for the time being. With COVID being a thing, flying overseas wasn’t a great idea. I wanted to stay within the United States. I also figured every one of us might as well save some money. Since every one of us got married over the summer, it made sense to go to Missouri for our honeymoon. I had never been plus consistently wanted to. So now I can say that.


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