My brother and I retired at The Villages, FL.

Spanish Springtimes, Lake Sumter Landing, and Brownwood Paddock are the best sites to go

When it came time to retire, my partner and I started looking for a quiet spot in Florida that would offer us fun things to do, and was not a place to wait to die! My associate and I were only seventy and still had a lot of life in us. Had it been up to our family, they would have put us in a nursing home, but when my buddy and I discovered The Villages, FL, my buddy and I were excited, then the Villages is a retirement community that offers a variety of activities for its residents. My associate and I loved tennis, archery, bocce,and croquet. The Villages gave these and more, but swimming and fishing were some things my buddy and I loved on those lazy, hot Summer days. My associate and I weren’t people who wanted to stay inside in the air conditioner all day. My associate and I loved the heat, and swimming and fishing were available at the Villages. Some people here adore shopping. My associate and I go when it is necessary, however dining is our passion. My associate and I adore going to different restaurants to see where the best food is. Spanish Springtimes, Lake Sumter Landing, and Brownwood Paddock are the best sites to go. Sometimes my buddy and I want to go to the theater and they have the Old Mill Playhome and Barnstorm Theater… Unlike some of the retirement communities my buddy and I had looked into, The Villages, FL, feel their residents may adore a drink; Gator’s Dockside Brownwood and World of Beer, gives you a nice place to relax and have a beer. The Villages, FL, was exactly the type of place where my buddy and I could adore our retirement! I’m sure we’re going to have a great rest of our life here.



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