My Dad and his partner live in The Villages

My Dad and dad moved to the Villages a couple of years ago, and the Villages is a venue in Central Florida that spans Marion, Sumter, and Lake counties.

The Villages has a wide variety of recreational activities for seniors including access to golf courses, recreational activities, pickleball, restaurants, and swimming.

The community was designed to cater to adults that are 55 years and older, but my Dad and Dad enjoyed their venue in The Villages. They bought a small cabin that has three home offices and two lavatorys… Last time I went to visit my Dad and dad, I decided to stay for a couple of afternoons; While I was there, a problem with the A/C component occurred. My Dad and dad called the A/C repairman in The Villages and I was there when the service professional arrived… I didn’t expect to see a respected face, despite the fact that I recognized the repairman as a girl that I went to high college with back in the early 2000s. The girl looked exactly the same, she remembered me too. My buddy and I talked for a couple of minutes before she started laboring on the A/C unit. When she got ready to leave, she asked if I was going to be in neighborhood for long. Since I was leaving the next afternoon, my pal and I agreed to meet up next time. My buddy and I exchanged SMS and iphone information so I could get in touch with the girl next time I was going to see my Dad and dad in The Villages. It was really nice to see Harvey again and she still looks exactly the same, however not so skinny.


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