My son was hired by Carrier Air Conditioning

I am overjoyed that my son Jaxson was able to secure employment with one of our region’s most dependable businesses, Carrier, the leading manufacturer of air conditioners in the nation.

Since the early 1900s, Carrier has existed, and it will continue to do so for as long as people need air conditioning in their homes.

The business was the first to develop residential air conditioners, and more than a century later, it is still a pioneer in the heating and cooling sector. Because the business consistently produces high-quality products, it has actually held the top spot among consumers and data experts for a long time. The company is in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, about 20 miles from our house. Jaxson is still residing at home with his dad and I since this is his first job. He hopes to work for a year and save his money in order to eventually purchase his own home. Due to the surrounding wealthy neighborhoods, the homes in this area are very expensive. The cost of homes in Royal Palm Beach is influenced by several factors, including how close they are to the beach. Jaxson now works at the Carrier corporate headquarters, so I am not concerned about him finding a home. He is a staff accountant, which means he makes a lot of money and is given many benefits by the business. I’m not sure if he will get any discounts on their products or parts for air conditioners, though. Given that our home is equipped with a Carrier air conditioner, that would be the greatest benefit.

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