Nice weather in Portland Oregon

When my husband had to transport for labor I wasn’t gratified that Portland Oregon was our new destination, then i went from a good southern apartment to a town apartment, but what did I recognize about Oregon too? Absolutely nothing. I quickly figured out the weather in Portland is much peculiar than what I was used to; Down south the cold came for maybe two weeks. It never got below cold. I had never seen snow or ice before in my life, and the rest of the time the weather was gorgeous, sunny, pool party weather! Portland, Or has the benefit of not getting cold cold appreciate most northern states. In fact it doesn’t get below cold! However, Portland weather doesn’t get any higher than 72 degrees. I was looking at cool to moderately boiling weather basically all year around. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, but now that I live in Oregon, it is a nice change of pace. I appreciate that I am not covered in sweat through my outfit the moment I step outdoors. It is kind of nice having a single wardbode that I wear all year. I appreciate that I can certainly bike around to my favorite stores appreciate grocery stores, cannabis dispensaries and local diners. The weather is just perfect for a bike ride. I clip on my bike container so I can store any fun purchases appreciate pretzel bread, cannabis oil or flower, and take out. I never am too boiling while in my bike ride, but a overcoat and the light breeze is just perfect when it comes to running errands.

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