Not much to see in Birmingham

I ended up getting transferred to Birmingham, AL for work; I wasn’t truly all that excited.

I had never been to AL before & I didn’t truly know anything about it.

I did some research on things to do in Birmingham, AL & was bummed that museums & a few botanical gardens is all that came up. Is there truly nothing else to do in AL than that? My big historic landmark is the Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark, then they are kind of gross & ugly, and so needless to say I was sort of dreading the move. Then I arrived in AL & realized there is a pro to this state. The weather is quite nice. The section gets four distinct seasons & nothing is ever out of control. In the summer time the hottest it will get is around 91 degrees, however which is hot, & requires beachwear & AC… But it is only about two months long & the temperatures get sufficient again. Then the winter time season will be in the 50s during the day & could get into the 30s at evening. That is cold, you need a heater, however it is doable. Snow isn’t that correct & cold isn’t natural either. So I could get by with a lower quality furnace if I wanted to. I don’t need a wool coat or muck boots at all. I just need nice layers & a space furnace for those cold evenings. So that is a perk to Birmingham. I will find other things to do, I am sure.

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