Not sure about my recent move to Glenview

I looked into all sorts of options.

I will admit that I wasn’t too pleased when I found out I was being moved to Glenview Illinois. I didn’t know anything about the area. I have lived in Florida my whole life. When my boss informed me that I was getting a huge pay raise, a title change and expenses paid for moving, I said yes without thinking it through. I figured I could live anywhere happily for more money. Well Illinois isn’t exactly a hotspot. I looked up things to do in Glenview and wasn’t pleased by what I found. Glenview doesn’t offer very much. There is the Grove, which is a big old house with gardens. There is an old barn that is supposed to be historic. There is a children’s museum. That is about it. Why would I want to be there? I also was extremely worried about the weather in Glenview. In Florida I never had to deal with snow or severe cold. Illinois gets pretty darn cold. I realized for the first thing that heating would need to be a priority for me. I would have to get a reliable, durable heating device to last through the cold winter. I looked into all sorts of options. A heat pump no longer would work. A boiler seemed to be the best bet. Good thing I got that raise! The boiler was really expensive but is supposed to last a super long time. I am hopeful that I will get more comfortable in my area and eventually like it.


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