One of the football players had weed on him

Even though medical marijuana is legal in the state of Pennsylvania, it is still against the rules for professional football players to use marijuana products; I work with the Philadelphia football team in the medical office. 2 days before it is time for games, I have to run a drug test on every single a single of the players. If a player comes back positive for medical marijuana, they have to sit out the game. If a player comes back positive for medical marijuana more than once, they risk possible suspension & forfeiture of any funds from the season of playing, last year a single of the football players maintained positive for marijuana. It was the first time in a long time that I had someone test positive. I contacted the coach & I gave him the news. I let the coach handle everything after I found out about the marijuana, then the player was suspended for multiple games, shortly after the suspension, the guy maintained positive again for marijuana. This time the team had to put him on an various game suspension. Shortly after this suspension, the young guy decided to quit playing football altogether, but he felt that marijuana was helpful for his mental health & he was willing to supply up millions of dollars to focus on his mental health instead of his billfold. The young guy wanted to continue to smoke marijuana products. The young guy could have had a bright future ahead of him, although he chose to quit the Philadelphia football team so he could focus on personal growth instead.


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