Outdoor activities in Phoenix

The city of Phoenix is located in the heart of the Sonoran Desert.

  • While known for scorching summer heat and stunning sunsets, the area has a lot more to offer.

Despite the arid climbate, this thriving metropolis is the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts. There is an abundance of natural wonders and recreational opportunities available to enjoy year-round. I love Phoenix because of the amazing hiking trails that wind through the desert landscape. The views of the city and surrounding mountains are downright breathtaking. One of my favorites is Camelback Mountain, which provides a challenging excursions and gorgeous vistas. The Echo Canyon and Cholla Trails lead to the summit, rewarding the difficult hike with an overlook of the city. South Mountain Park and Preserve features more than fifty miles of hiking, biking and horse-riding trails. The Dobbins Lookout Trail is a frequent choice for me because of the views. For an easier hike, I head to Papago Park. It’s a great place to catch sight of various bird species and explore sandstone buttes. When I first moved to Phoenix, I was surprised to discover plenty of water-oriented activities. I’ve gone tubing down the Salt River. It’s a leisurely float through stunning desert scenery. I like to kayak and paddleboard at Saquaro Lake. The combination of the tranquil waters and towering saguaro cacti lining the shore is unique. Another fun spot to spend the day is Lake Pleasant Regional Park. The park provides camping and hiking trails while a sizable lake offers boating, jet skiing and even scuba diving. From the Desert Botanical Garden covering 140 acres of plants to mountain biking and golfing, there’s always some way to enjoy the outdoors in Phoenix.


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