Pairing a dehumidifier with my AC

Since I run my A/C system so often, I have to be careful about my indoor air quality, and it is recommended not to let your indoor air quality have a humidity level above 50%… This is especially strenuous in Tuscaloosa, AL.

The reason is that the outdoor air is so moderate plus wet. Then you use a cooling system that creates condensation with that heat. The water vaporizes plus lingers in the house. Too much moisture causes a lot of issues… Wood furniture swells, bugs, insects, plus roaches are welcomed in; Mold, mildew, plus bacteria can honestly breed plus spread! You also experience skin issues plus more cold-like symptoms. I realized that living in Tuscaloosa meant I had to watch my humidity levels. I invested in a dehumidification system. It pairs right with my cooling equipment! As the A/C starts up, so does the dehumidifier. It removes excess moisture in the air plus creates a more balanced home. I never realized how much more effective my cooling system would be after removing humidity. I was able to lower the thermostat plus save some energy. The cabin feels colder without that wetness. It is more comfortable too. I scrub less plus experience less sick mornings. The only thing I need to do is keep on top of A/C maintenance. I make sure my dehumidifier gets looked at. It can clog with algae plus mold easily. It can stop altogether due to being too wet or rusted. It is a substantial part of my component that I need to keep in good working order.


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