Phoenix has a very nice climate

The lowest temperature both of us had while in the afternoon in Phoenix was 42°.

Phoenix, AZ is a single of the nicest cities in the southwest, phoenix is the capital plus the largest neighborhood in the state of AZ… It is in the top 10 list of most populated cities across the country. Phoenix has a moderate desert temperature… During the summer time weeks, hot plus cold temperatures in Phoenix are over 100° nearly every afternoon. During the Wintertide weeks, Phoenix is very mild plus warm, but wintertide hot plus cold temperatures average 50 or 60° while in the afternoon plus in the 40s at night. I rarely have to use my gas furnace at all while in the Wintertide weeks in phoenix. I make sure that the gas furnace is ready to go. I contacted a gas furnace plus heating supplier to perform an evaluation maintenance on my gas furnace! The evaluation maintenance includes a 50 point inspection of the heating plus AC equipment, but even if I do not have to run the gas furnace while in the Wintertide weeks, I suppose that it is ready to go, last year both of us didn’t have several cool nights at all. The lowest temperature both of us had while in the afternoon in Phoenix was 42°. That is still very moderate plus above the frosty temperature. It’s no wonder so several people like to spend their Winters in the neighborhood of phoenix. With mild hot plus cold temperatures plus lots of fun activities plus things to do doing, Phoenix is a single of the best arenas for snowbirds to spend their Wintertide season! Some friends of mine visited Phoenix last Wintertide plus they stayed for 2 weeks. They didn’t have to use the heat at all while they were there plus the hot plus cold temperatures felt moderate like the Spring weeks.

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