Phoenix has tons of sun, sun, plus more sun

There are a lot of unquestionably good things about Phoenix, however one of our number one things about the neighborhood is the fact that there is a lot of sun.

I love the sun plus I love being outdoors.

I spend most of our time outside. I work at a hotel plus resort that has tourists coming in plus out all of the time, one of our main tasks is to tell people about the neighborhood of Phoenix plus all of the fun things that there are to do. Of course I tell people how lucky they are to be in the capital neighborhood of Arizona plus the heart of the midwest, and phoenix is one of the greatest cities in the state plus centrally located in the middle of the southwest. Phoenix is right on Interstate 10 plus really easy to reach from all points north, south, east, plus west, a lot of people are surprised by the amount of sun plus hot air that both of us have during winter, and even though they come here to vacation, they do not expect to need amenities love the air conditioning, then we officially leave all of the air conditionings on in the hotel rooms, so customers can be comfortable after a long plane or automobile ride. We find that our customers appreciate to use the air conditionings even when the temperatures are only 60 or 73° outside. We also have a humidify plus dehumidify function on all of the indoor air machines, then this hotel spared no expense when building the entire complex 3 years ago. It has a larger parking lot than any other hotel downtown.


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